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Austin Institute holds the key to your future career
You might be surprised to discover how convenient it can be to get your Texas real estate license and become a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent. The friendly and highly-experienced counselors at The Austin Institute of Real Estate are here to walk you through each step of the process and help you get a real estate license Texas trusts. After September 1, 2012 you will need to provide the Texas Real Estate Commission with verification of 180 clock hours ( 6-30 hour classes) to obtain your real estate salesperson’s license. All six courses are mandatory and include:
  • Principles 1 (#0111)
  • Principles 2 (#0112)
  • Law of Agency (#1111)
  • Law of Contracts (#1200)
  • Promulgated Contracts Forms (#0322)
  • Real Estate Finance (#0411)
Any application submitted to the Texas Real Estate Commission after August 31, 2012 (Friday) will need to be submitted with six certificates in the above listed subjects.

Four Steps to Your Texas Real Estate License

1. Take your Courses

 Choose from correspondence and online courses. We have courses to fit your schedule!

2. File your Real Estate Application

 Once you have completed all of your required courses, you will need to submit the real estate application, copies of class certificates obtained at the completion of each course, and the required fees to the Texas Real Estate Commission.

3. Prepare for the Licensing Exam

The Prep Course is one of the most important courses you will take. We use a systematic approach, refined through years of research to condense the material you learned in the six required courses into all of the pertinent data you need to know for the Texas State Licensing Exam. Terminology, concepts, sample questions, math formulas and test-taking techniques are thoroughly covered in the comprehensive two day course to ensure the best chances of successfully obtaining your Texas real estate license. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TAKE THIS COURSE. IT’S GUARANTEED TO HELP YOU PASS THE STATE EXAM.*

4. Take the State Licensing Exam

The State Exam is divided into two parts: a theory portion (based on national practices) and a Texas-specific portion. Once you have successfully passed the State examination, if you elected to be an active agent, your broker will receive your Texas real estate license and you can start selling real estate.

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If you have any questions, please call 1-800-624-5440. You can also email us at Please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

The Texas Institute of Real Estate offers Real Estate Courses and Real Estate Classes to Texas Students Seeking a Real Estate License and Training That Will Prepare Them to Sell Real Estate Across Texas. Sign up today for Online Real Estate Courses and Realtor Class Training in Texas. Correspondence courses are offered by St Edward’s University Professional Education Center (#0720) in association with The Austin Institute of Real Estate (#0544/0040).