tech-tips-real-estate-texas 1. Get A Smartphone
Stats show a large number of agents STILL don’t have a smartphone. They only cost around $99, and some are even FREE! There is no excuse anymore, go out and get one.

2. Don’t Use Text Slang… Ever
Slang is inappropriate to use in business communication, and your cell phone is no exception. Also, “Excuse any spelling errors – sent from my iPhone” should never be included in your cell phone communications. It shows a complete lack of care. There are reasons why it would be appropriate to use shortened messages on platforms like Twitter, but this isn’t an excuse to be lazy. Show your clients you care about being the best.

3. E-mail Signatures, More Important Than You Think
Make sure your phones e-mail signature has been set up. This is a prime place for you to market yourself and your business. Include links to your website, social media icons, and your phone number so that your clients can get a hold of you easily anytime they need to.

4. Texting Isn’t Terrible, Start Doing It
Agents used to say that they would NEVER send a contract by fax. Look at where we are today! Think about today’s clients. If they send you a text and you call them back every time, it could be an annoyance. Texting is convenient and it saves time. Another good thing is that text messages are documented as opposed to a phone conversation.

5. The Fall of the Fax Machine
The amount of time it takes to send a fax alone makes this method outdated. Go and pick up a scanner, this will save you and your clients’ time. It is also more reliable than faxing a contract.

6. Respect Clients Time, Use E-Signatures in Contracts
The last thing you want to say is, “My client is out of town, so I can’t get you those signatures until next Tuesday”. The people on the other side of that deal likely just signed off on this contract using their iPhones. Respect your clients time and all parties involved by educating yourself on how to use e-signatures. The waste reduction and time saved alone should make this an attractive upgrade you can make to your business.

You Don’t Need to Overhaul Your Life With Tech

Simple technology upgrades can have HUGE impacts on your business and the impressions others have on your business. None of the items listed are particularly costly in time or money, so make a commitment to excellence by staying up to date with technology.

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