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How to Get a Texas Real Estate Appraiser License

You might be surprised to discover how fast and convenient it can be to receive your Texas real estate appraisal license. The Austin Institute of Real Estate, a leading real estate school in Texas, offers all of the classes you need to get a Texas Real Estate Appraiser License. The friendly and highly-experienced counselors at The Austin Institute of Real Estate are here to walk you through each step of the process. With their innovative Texas real estate courses, The Austin Institute of Real Estate is here to guide you to real estate success.

Read below to learn more about our Texas real estate appraisal program and begin the first steps towards getting your license today.

Four Steps to Your Texas Real Estate Appraiser License

1. Apply to become an Appraiser Trainee

An Appraiser Trainee is authorized, but not licensed by, TALCB under sponsorship of an appraiser. To apply for an Appraiser Trainee authorization, an applicant must show successful completion of the required education.

2. Recruit a Certified Sponsor

A certified sponsor must “actively, personally, and diligently supervise an appraiser trainee under his or her sponsorship” and must sign the appraisal reports. You can contact certified appraisers listed in your local phone book or use the list of Texas Certified Appraisers available from the TALCB website to find appraisers eligible to sponsor trainees.

3. Submit your Appraiser Trainee Application

Complete and submit the Application for Approval as an Appraiser Trainee and required fee. If the requirements are met, the TALCB will process the application and issue an appraiser trainee authorization.

4.Receive your Appraiser License

Once all required experience has been met, the applicant now qualifies for licensure:

  • Comply with USPAP
  • Be verifiable and supported by written reports and work files
  • Be performed when a person had a legal authority to appraise
  • Comply with AQB criteria for acceptable experience
  • Complete Trainee Application packet (which contains excerpts from Act and Rules, regarding Appraiser Trainees and their renewal requirements, and the application

For more information on renewing or earning a Texas Real Estate Appraiser license, please visit the Texas Appraisal Licensing and Certification Board (TALCB) website by clicking here.

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