Young buyers are a completely different breed of buyer than the ones that came before them. These millennial buyers are tech savvy and constantly on the go. They also have different requirements when it comes to purchasing a home. Some of these buyers are in a different place in their life than the previous generation of home buyers. A high number of them are not married yet, and this changes the needs they have in a home.

Some of the items that made young home buyers wish lists may surprise you!

1. One of the top items millennial buyers look for are the eco-friendly options. These buyers are looking for green options not only to reduce their eco footprint, but also to reduce energy costs. At the top of their list for energy saving appliances are high efficiency washers and dryers.

2. Another surprise? Nearly 2/3 of those surveyed said high-tech home integration was important if not crucial in the home buying process. This is not only focusing on apps connecting to your air conditioning and security systems. 43% of those surveyed said that they would rather have a home theater than a traditional living room.

3. One feature young home buyers are looking for is “flex space”. This could be an extra bedroom, unfinished basement, or even attic. These young buyers want spaces that they can custom fit to their personal interests, and bonus spaces are a huge plus!

4. The desire for smaller square footage is another item from the young home buyers’ wish list that may surprise you. Having smaller living spaces means less to maintain, and with millennial’ active lifestyles, they do not need that stress weighing them down. Not only are these young home buyers looking for smaller spaces, but some are also nixing the stairs! Formerly seen in older generations, these youngsters are accustomed to one story apartment living and find one story homes to be more desirable.

5. When shopping for a new home, an item that consistently pops up is the need for open floor plans and streamlined spaces. These millenials do not need to be compartmentalized, and neither does their living room, dining room, and kitchen.

6. Lastly, move-in readiness has been a hot item for young home buyers. These millenials are looking for spaces that are easily maintained and will not eat up their free time.

Keep in mind that younger buyers are extremely social individuals. They enjoy sharing their every moment with the world, so make sure to KNOW YOUR BUYER before showing properties. Assess their wants and needs, and assume that your younger buyers will be sharing their entire experience on the net!

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