There’s nothing more invalidating to me than going out and showing someone houses without asking them what they want first.

We have a tradition that when you show an agent’s listing, you leave your business card behind so they’ll know you’ve been through the home.

As a strong listing agent, I’ve collected many, many, many, cards. And before buyer-agency came in, we would call the agent back and ask them, “What did you or your buyer think about the listing?” I was looking for feedback I could give the seller.

I had an agent say to me one time, “My buyers didn’t want a two-story house.” Well, what are you doing in it?

Now, how would you like to be that buyer and be dragged around with an agent who doesn’t even possess the wherewithal to determine whether you want a one or two-story house?

I don’t believe that this is very good service. I’ve heard some agents actually say to me, “My buyers are so loyal, I’ve shown them 50 homes,” and I just cringe, because one of three things is happening.

The buyer is using the agent, the agent isn’t asking quality questions, or the agent isn’t listening. Because there’s no way I’m showing 50 houses.

I’m not going to do it.

Understand that the better your questions and the clearer you get, the fewer homes you need to show.

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